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Top-of-the-line Noorlander with pipe facade.

Everything possible in one model (based on the Vallotti):

Up to 96 sculpted draw knobs

Custom pistons

Plastic or wood keyboards

Sculpted top

3 or four manuals

two retractable touch screens if needed



Harmonique – polished to look like a piano.

Made to look like a fine piano.  The screen hides behind the music rack when not needed.  Very stylish.

Sonnette – beautiful cabinet with screens

Enclosed speakers, AGO pedalboard, pistons and sample sets.


Avanti – includes ready-to-play sample set!!

Avanti – available as 2 or 3 manuals (43/60 stops) with built-in menu that requires no knowledge of Hauptwerk…..unless you want to use an alternative sample set.  Simple design and lowest cost possible.  The usual options are available – yes – AGO pedalboard!


Top-of-the-line Vallotti from Noorlander

The Vallotti is as close to a conventional console (again with optional screen) using up to 96 sculptured drawstops with reversible and replaceable names plates, pipe facade and two-parts shipping, and alternative wood keyboards.  Wow!  Oh…screen is hidden behind the music desk on an special swing-out arm.


Menuette model – simplicity with drawstops AND optional screens

The Menuette model features replaceable draw stop faces and 5o drawstops, but also with optional screens if needed.  It can be shipped in two sections for tight spaces.  Same options as others available.  Optional wood carving available.  Also available with 4 manuals (and extra drawstops at the top).

Largo VPO model from Noorlander

Largo presents ease of use and eye-appealing design.

Available as a 3-manual with optional wood keyboards, pistons and AGO pedalboard.

The built-in 60-stop composite organ from Sonus Paradisi can be played immediately without loading Hauptwerk.  Available in many stains and colors.