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prototype design by Noorlander for USA market

February 15, 2017


  • Skinner-style console
  • Custom stain
  • 4 manuals with reinforced frame
  • Choice of wood keys and stains
  • Total of 96 mechanical draw knobs
  • Total of 24 mechanical coupler tablets
  • 10 gold toe pistons
  • 4 expression pedals
  • AGO 32-note pedalboard
  • Win10 PC 64GB RAM and 2TB disk capacity
  • Hauptwerk Advanced with 9 demo sets installed
  • Stops and couplers engraved to Salisbury Wet sample set
  • USB, headphone and surround sound ports
  • Optional dual retractable touch screens
  • Locking rolltop and monitor access doors
  • Collapsible music rack and dimmable lights
  • External sound system – up to 64 channels
  • Support and service by Doyon Virtual Organs in Dover, DE

Call (302) 264-6602 for more information

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